Friday, 27 April 2018

ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP (IEG): The Shareholders´ Meeting approves the financial statements for the 2017 fiscal year, establishes the dividend and appoints the new Board of Directors

- Distribution resolved of a dividend for the group leader of 0.18 euros per share, which will be paid within 31st July 2018;

- The newly nominated Board of Directors confirms Lorenzo Cagnoni as President, Matteo Marzotto as Vice President and appoints Ugo Ravanelli as Managing Director.

Rimini, 27th April 2018 – Today, the Shareholders Meeting of Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. (IEG), a leading organizer of trade fairs and conferences in Italy and in the world, unanimously approved the consolidated financial statement of the company as of 31st December 2017 without any changes compared with the draft financial statements approved by the outgoing Board of Directors on 26th March.
At the Meeting, 11 parties with voting rights participated, representing, in person or by proxy, 94,3% of the company capital.

The main consolidated results of the IEG Group´s 2017 fiscal year
The IEG Group´s 2017 fiscal year closed with a consolidated turnover of 130.7 million euros. The Gross Operating Margin (EBITDA1) as per 31st December 2017 was 23.2 million euros, whereas the consolidated Net Profit was 9.1 million.
In 2017, IEG hosted an overall total of 59 exhibitions, 280 conferences and events, 15,649 exhibitors and 2,648,675 visitors2 in its expo and conference facilities in Rimini and Vicenza.

Results of group leader IEG S.p.A. and resolution of the distribution of the dividend
Group leader IEG S.p.A. ended the 2017 fiscal year with 109.4 million euros of revenue and a net profit of 8.7 million.
The Shareholders´ Meeting resolved the distribution of a gross dividend of 0.18 euros, with a dividend payout ratio of 63.6%, which will be paid within 31st July 2018, and profit not distributed (approximately 3.1 million euros) was allocated to Reserves.

Renewal of the IEG Board of Directors
The IEG Shareholders´ Meeting also proceeded with the nomination of a new Board of Directors, setting the number of members at 10 and the duration of office in three financial years, therefore until the approval of the statement of the year 2020.
The members of the new Board of Directors of IEG S.p.A., able to ensure the competence and authoritativeness necessary for the correct operation of the Company, nominated at today´s meeting, are:

Barbara Bonfiglioli (58), Sales Manager with Fuzzi SpA since 1999 - Foreign and Italian sales manager for the Fuzzi collections and in the past for Jean Paul Gaultier Soleil, Maille e Femme, Custo Barcelona Beachwear, Pierantonio Gaspari licensed collections;
Lorenzo Cagnoni (79), president of Rimini Fiera and then IEG since 1995; managing director from 1995 until today;
Michela Cavalieri (51), Councillor for Economic Resources and Labour Policies of the Municipality of Vicenza;
Daniela Della Rosa (49), President and Managing Director of Petroltecnica S.p.A., founding partner of DDR Studio Legale (law firm). Member of the Supervisory Body of Acquirente Unico S.p.A.;
Maurizio Renzo Ermeti (60), entrepreneur in the hotel industry and Chairman of the ´Forum for the Rimini Strategic Plan´;
Lucio Gobbi (31), graduate student in Economics and Management - International Economics School of Social Sciences – University of Trento. Teaching experience at the universities of Trento and Sacro Cuore (Milan).
Catia Guerrini (55), entrepreneuse in the confectionery sector. Vice President of Cesena Fiera S.p.A. and member of the General Council of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena.
Matteo Marzotto (51), entrepreneur. Ex-President of Fiera Vicenza and then Vice President of IEG. President of Dondup S.p.A., member of boards of directors, including Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A., Morellato & Sector S.p.A.
Ugo Ravanelli (64), Independent Member of the Board and President of the Control and Risks Committee of MARR S.p.A. (listed in the STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange), of which he was also Managing Director and President;
Simona Sandrini (51), Head of Automotive Events with GL Events Italia S.p.A.

The first meeting of the new IEG Board of Directors
Immediately after the Shareholders´ Meeting, the newly appointed directors gathered for the first meeting of the IEG Board of Directors, which proceeded with the assignment of the appointments and powers within its area of responsibility, based on the indications of the governance structure that emerged at the Meeting.
These included the recommendation, also indicated by the Committee for Corporate Governance and derived from international best practice, to avoid concentrating several positions in a single person and in particular to foresee the separation of the roles of President and Managing Director. The Board of Directors consequently assigned the positions and nominated Lorenzo Cagnoni Company President and Matteo Marzotto Vice President; it also assigned powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of IEG to Ugo Ravanelli, nominating him Managing Director.

* * *
Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., with the two expo centres of Rimini and Vicenza, is Italy´s first trade fair organizer for profitability and expo portfolio (regarding the Food & Beverage, Green, Technology, Entertainment, Tourism, Transport, Wellness, Jewellery e Fashion, Lifestyle & Innovation trades). IEG operates worldwide, with branches in the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, United States and China. It is Italy´s leader in the conference-convention sector with Rimini´s Palacongressi and Vicenza Convention Centre.
* * *

Elisabetta Vitali head of media & corporate communication, Marco Forcellini press office manager, Silvia Giorgi international press manager, Alessandro Caprio, Nicoletta Evangelisti Mancini, Jacopo Frenquellucci communication specialists IEG CORPORATE MEDIA AGENCIES: Smart Comunicazione: Cesare Trevisani MyPr Lab: Filippo Nani

1 The EBITDA is represented by the operating results (earnings) before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortization.. EBITDA is an indicator defined and used by the Group to monitor and assess the Group´s operating performance, but is not defined in this context by the IFRS; so it must not be considered as an alternative indicator for the assessment of the performance of the Groups´ operating result. The company considers the EBITDA to be an important parameter for assessment of the Group´s performance, as it enables to analyze its marginality, eliminating the effects due to non-recurrent economic elements. Since the EBITDA is not an indicator whose determination is regulated by the reference accounting standards for drawing up the Group´s consolidated financial statement, the criterion applied for the calculation of the EBITDA might not be homogeneous with that adopted by other groups, so might therefore not be comparable.

2 Italian Exhibition Group´s leading expos undergo certification by the ISFCERT institute, recognized by ACCREDIA, according to ISO 25639:2008 international standard (Exhibition Terminology and Measurement).

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