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• Wellness Oasis: innovative formats with exhibitions and training led by experts
• New relaxation techniques with pre-competition massages and Indian pulse diagnosis making their debut
• Spotlight on women´s well-being, specific work outs

Rimini (Italy), 15 May 2024 – A total immersive experience for the well-being of the body and mind. RiminiWellness, the international event organized by Italian Exhibition Group, running from 30 May to 2 June at Rimini Expo Centre and other locations on the Riviera, will be the epicentre of innovation not only for fitness, but also for natural well-being, with particular regard for the female world and its unique needs by enhancing the content dedicated to a holistic lifestyle.

The new format of the Wellness Oasis will range from performances of holistic techniques to cultural training and entertainment. At the Bio Stage, an area of 150 m2 covered with tatami mats, visitors can immerse themselves in bio-natural disciplines with the Wellness Conferences, which will take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June. In collaboration with universities, training schools and the industry´s leading companies, the conferences are the ideal channel for those wishing to dive deeper into the culture of holistic well-being. In addition, Yoga On Stage by ReYoga returns in its third edition offering a large space for practicing and exploring the benefits and beauty of the age-old practice. It will include talks by some of the top teachers and experts in the Italian yoga community and free international lessons that will alternate on the main stage with 180 places available.

The Wellness Oasis will house two 100 m2 Relax Zones where visitors can try out various manipulative techniques performed by professionals of the wellness arts including relaxing, energizing, cryo-dynamic and oriental antistress massages. New to this edition is the Psychophysical Pre-Competition Massage created by TAO, the National School of Massage, a break-through for those practicing intense sports and for anyone who wants to relieve stress and improve mental well-being. Likewise, Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis also arrives at the show for the first time with the ´Piccolo Sole´ Ayurvedic massage school which will demonstrate the art of Ayurvedic pulse reading or Nadi Pariksha. This ancient Indian practice not only reveals the balance or disorder of the doshas, the vital energy for the body and mind, but also offers personalized strategies for psychophysical rebalancing and disease prevention, allowing participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of well-being through Ayurvedic wisdom.

Female hormonal health is a central theme in a woman´s life, passing through several important phases: from childhood to puberty, from adolescence to maturity, up to menopause, often considered a sort of ´second spring´. To accompany women in this transition, Sayonara Motta, a well-known international yoga therapist and personal trainer, has created ´Living Better in Menopause´, the first therapeutic yoga programme that offers an opportunity to better understand this phase of life and manage the related symptoms in a calm and positive way. This theme will be further explored during the Symposium ´Acceptance during the menopause´, which represents an essential moment to address the social pressures that often weigh on women during menopause, a period in which unrealistic beauty standards can make many women feel less significant or invisible. Alongside medical and pharmacy experts, speaker Jill Cooper will emphasise how regular physical activity is crucial not only for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing diseases, but also for improving mood and mental health during menopause. Melissa Mattiussi, founder of Gynecomagia, coach and therapist of Feminine Healing Arts for Natural Wellbeing and Conscious Freedom, will present her programme ´Happy Periods´, a path designed for women who wish to rediscover their feminine value through greater awareness of their menstrual cycle.

Date: 30 May - 2 June 2024; type: international show; organizer: Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.; recurrence: annual; edition: 18th; open to: general public and operators; info: www.riminiwellness.com

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