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• The General States of Fitness and Wellness return to Rimini Expo with insights into the future of the market and universal access to well-being
• RiminiWellness Academy debuts: the widest range of high-quality training programmes in the wellness and fitness industry via workshops, seminars and practical sessions
• The event features the industry´s top-drawer national and international players

Rimini, 13 May 2024 – RiminiWellness returns with an intense, high-quality convention programme for the wellness and fitness industry. At Rimini Expo Centre from May 30th to June 2nd, Italian Exhibition Group is coming at this year´s edition with a strong training angle, hosting meetings designed to enrich insiders´ knowledge and skills, exploring the latest trends, acquiring new skills and connecting with industry experts and both nationally and internationally acclaimed professionals.

The ´General States of Fitness and Wellness´ initiative returns to RiminiWellness after the resounding success of the 2023 edition, with a series of panels dedicated to emerging trends in the market and the analysis of sector dynamics. The theme ´One Wellness: well-being for everyone, always and everywhere´, inspired by the concept of ´One Health´, highlights the importance of collaboration to guarantee universal access to health and well-being. The panel dedicated to Hospitality and Real Estate will take a deep dive into the role of well-being in the hospitality sector and into real estate strategies, a strategic factor for enriching customer experience and increasing the value of real estate investments. In the session on Innovations for Gyms and Franchising, a group of experts will showcase the winning strategies that combine human and digital technologies, charting the future of gyms and franchising models in the context of global wellness. And there´s more, the focus on Corporate Wellbeing will explore best practices for promoting a wellness-oriented corporate culture: from the design of corporate fitness programmes to stress management in the workplace, experts will share practical strategies to improve employee health and productivity. Lastly, the panel on Wellness in Public and Outdoor Spaces will illustrate innovative initiatives that improve well-being in communities through the optimization of public spaces and the integration of fitness and health elements into the urban fabric. On the opening day of RiminiWellness, the Value of Sport Observatory will also present a session entitled, ´Physical activity, well-being, growth: impacts and prospects´, a multi-stakeholder platform established in 2022 by The European House - Ambrosetti, which has become a point of reference for the discussion, analysis and strategic positioning of the sports industry in Italy.

RiminiWellness Academy is a new entry for the 2024 edition. The initiative aims to offer a wide range of high-quality training programmes in the wellness and fitness industry via workshops, seminars and practical sessions. By collaborating with industry experts and academic institutions, the Academy will provide knowledge and train practical skills to excel in the sector, adopting an interactive and practical approach, as well as promoting the culture of well-being and physical activity through sessions dedicated to management and marketing in fitness. Led by industry experts and leaders of influential organizations and associations such as the University of Bologna, CLUST-ER Health, Rimini Tecnopolo, Healthy Cities Network, Rex Roundtables International, Sport and Health, the events will be an opportunity to acquire in-depth information on the latest trends and strategies in the field of promotion in the fitness industry. In addition, the RiminiWellness Academy will be packed with a series of workshops and seminars dedicated to new training methodologies in collaboration with leading associations such as CROSSFIT®, Zumba and others, to explore the latest innovations in the field of physical training, from functional training methods to new trends in the world of dance fitness.

RiminiWellness will once again be the stage for a series of thematic meetings and conferences, designed to explore the challenges and opportunities in the world of contemporary wellness and fitness. Innovation is the core driver of these events, where experts will share the latest discoveries and developments in promoting mental and physical health, revolutionizing fitness with emerging technologies such as wearables and virtual reality. Likewise, the meetings will focus on the future of the industry, offering a platform to explore the emerging directions of wellness and fitness. From sessions addressing the environmental impact on physical performance to reflection on inclusion in the industry, these events promise to inspire and inform, shaping the future of global wellness through open dialogue and knowledge sharing.

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