Video surveillance notice

Italian Exhibition Group Spa informs, pursuant to Article 13 of the EU Privacy Regulation - GDPR, that a video surveillance system has been implemented that involves the processing of personal data.

  1. The personal data provided by you or acquired as part of our activities will be processed in accordance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness transparency and protection of your privacy and your rights.
  2. The purposes of the Video Surveillance system are as follows:
    - to protect corporate assets (physical locations, products, assets, data and information archives) and prevent intrusion by unauthorized third parties;
    - to protect private property present (e.g., of employees and exhibitors) in the company's buildings and premises, access areas, and pertaining outdoor areas from possible damage, unauthorized intrusion, vandalism or theft, or the like;
    - to enable any prompt intervention of the designated operators, State Police and law enforcement agencies in support;
    - protect the additional purposes of safety in the workplace; i.e., protect the safety of persons present;
    - to prevent fires or other events that endanger the safety of people and/or workplaces;
    - to enable the Company to enforce a legitimate right (e.g., related to an employment contract or other similar relationship established with the data subject).
  1. The Video Surveillance system involves the real-time collection and viewing of images, as well as the temporary recording of images, which can then also be viewed on a deferred basis within the time period indicated below.

    The processing of images and related data may be done either electronically or on paper (any printouts from electronic files), in the case of images subject to temporary recording.

    Data are processed in a manner that is relevant, complete and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected and/or subsequently processed.

    Careful analysis of the purposes involved geometric evaluations for the placement of the cameras in order to ascertain that the field captured and the personal data captured are congruent with the purposes of the installation. Well-specific locations were identified in which the maximum amount of useful elements are collected to meet the stated purposes and the minimum reasonably and technically possible of personal data, not inherent to the related purposes.
  1. It is strictly forbidden to use video surveillance systems to carry out remote controls on workers' work activities (Art. 4 L.300/1970) and any possible filming of employees' workstations is excluded, as such control is not permitted by law to the employer.
  2. Video surveillance images are accessible 24h/24h only by individuals belonging to Italian Exhibition Group Spa previously authorized in writing and to the External Supplier Companies duly appointed External Responsible for processing with the Video Surveillance System. Recorded images can also be viewed in delayed mode via VPN accessed with a password. VPN is a point-to-point connection via the Internet manned by an encryption protocol that prevents unauthorized third parties from entering the communication to access the transmitted data.
  3. The video surveillance systems are of the so-called "integrated" type, i.e., also interconnected, via the public telecommunications network, with external Operations Center(s) (e.g., Private Security Company, Police, etc.) whose appointees, independently appointed and trained by the third-party contracting company, can therefore remotely view deferred and/or record in real time the images collected by the Company's video surveillance system.

    The Special Video Surveillance Attorneys, in any case, have also appointed the aforementioned third party(ies) as the "person in charge" or "autonomous owner" of the processing, issuing to the same, in the former case, specific directives aimed at ensuring full compliance by the latter(s) with all the minimum security measures provided for by the regulations in force and subject to supervision by the Company.
  1. The data shall be kept for a period of time no longer than is strictly necessary to fulfill the institutional purposes of the facility. For this purpose, therefore, the videorecorded images, if subject to recording, are kept for a time not exceeding 10 days as per the preliminary verification sent to the Guarantor for both the Vicenza and Rimini fairgrounds. After the aforementioned period has elapsed, the same are automatically deleted by re-writing. An extension of storage terms may be possible in relation to holidays or office closures as well as in the event that a specific investigative request from the Judicial Authority or Police must be adhered to.

    In case the images are recorded, the contents of the hard disk or other mass storage on which the data are recorded are not subject to back-up procedure.
  1. The data may be accessed, exclusively for the purposes stated above, by the individuals assigned in writing by the Special Prosecutor Video Surveillance.
  2. The data may be communicated exclusively to the police and/or judicial authorities, court auxiliaries, private investigation agencies or their appointees, computer forensics companies or consultants, law firms, for the purposes provided for in these Regulations.

    Disclosure shall be made by the Special Video Surveillance Prosecutor or his delegated/authorized representative, and may be in the form of copied data ((video files in digital format) on magnetic media (CD-Rom, DVD, USB flash drive, etc.) or by means of hard copy printouts.

    Any dissemination of the data is always prohibited.
  1. The Data Controller is Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., based in Rimini, Via Emilia n.155.

    Further information on the names of the data processors may be requested from the Data Controller. The data subject may exercise his or her rights by writing to the Data Controller Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. or to the Special Video Surveillance Attorney, based at Via Emilia, 155 - 47921 Rimini (Italy) or to the e-mail address:

    In order to ensure compliance with the GDPR and the laws applicable to the processing of personal data of the data subject, Italian Exhibition Group has appointed an independent third party responsible for this activity (Data Protection Officer). The Data Protection Officer of Italian Exhibition Group is Avv. Luca De Muri, as above domiciled for the office at Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.
  1.  You may contact the Data Controller or the appointed Data Processor to assert your rights, as provided for in Articles 12 to 22 of the GDPR, by referring to the following e-mail address

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